Pregnancy Acupuncture Ivanhoe IVF Support




Congratulations!  Now that you are pregnant, we want you to feel supported through all stages of your pregnancy.  We want you and your baby to thrive, and will help you to feel amazing during this unique and special time. 


We will help you feel as relaxed, confident and ready as possible for your labour, and for your birth to be as smooth and efficient as possible. 




We will advise you with proven diet and lifestyle tips, as well as specific products and acupuncture treatments to suit your needs at each stage. 

In Early Pregnancy 


We advise regular acupuncture treatments until week 12, to help support your pregnancy and help prevent conditions in early pregnancy such as morning sickness.…/morning-sickness-relief-acu…

In Late Pregnancy


  • Birth Preparation - We highly recommend weekly treatments from about week 36 until birth to help you feel balanced, calm and energetic in preparation for labour.